• Five axis machining center

    Five-axis linkage featured by RTCP (real five-axis interpolation) is suitable for surface machining of three-dimensional modeling.;Wood pattern manufacturing, bathroom, wind power generation, rail transportation, automotive interior parts processing, yachts, foam mould processing, aviation
  • Four axis profile machining center

    With new four-axis structure, only clamping at a time can complete drilling, milling, chamfering and tapping of three faces, while the cutting machining with the curvature and the shape of workpiece can be realized
  • Three axis aluminum processing center

    It is suitable for drilling, milling and tapping machining processes of a variety of gutter channels, keyhole, profiled holes and face machining, as well as industries such as manufacturing of tents, a variety of profile processing, hardware products, steel structure, precision machinery and auto parts, etc.
  • Aluminum plate processing center

    Diversified control can control processing speed, idling speed and cutting speed respectively, greatly improving the quality of processed products and processing efficiency
  • Woodworking machining centers

    Suitable for: kitchen cabinets, doors and Windows, tables and chairs, screens, wave plate, organic glass, man-made stone, etc
  • Wooden processing center

    Suitable for: wood pattern routing and engraving of cars, moving trucks, ships, EPS mold routing and engraving of cars, boats, yachts,aviation and iron casting
  • Carved machine

    The device is mainly targeted at the professionals design and production of soft metal industry, mainly used in functions of engraving and milling, cutting and drilling on metals such as copper plate, aluminum plate, steel and others
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